June 2007

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Adventures of the Agile Round Table

Posted by on 29 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: Agile

What a great series spoof of “Man Law” commercials from an Agile perspective…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Doing Business in Dublin

Posted by on 26 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: Travel

I had the pleasure of meeting with a great customer in Dublin, Ireland directly across the street from my favorite beer producer. While I was there I ate and drank through some great places such as The Old Stand, Eden, and Insomnia Coffee House. Below is a picture of my colleagues and I in the presence of greatness…


Individual Pair Programming

Posted by on 14 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: Agile, XP

A highly intelligent friend and colleague of mine has been on a team of two for the past few weeks. His teammate left on vacation for a week. They were diligent in their pair programming practices. What would happen to the now singular team member with a passion for pairing? “Individual Pair Programming”, of course!

A great supporting fixture for pair programming is a Pairing Station as seen below:

Chris Sterling doing individual pair programming

It contains 2 monitors, 2 mice, 2 keyboards, and 1 desktop from which to work. While his teammate was present, they would gather at either of their pairing stations to work on a User Story. Now, with his teammate gone, he had look for ways to get the benefits found from pairing at this 21st century marvel of a work area. “I must conduct continuous code review so that I am not caught in wait states for a code review to happen.”, he said to himself. “I know, I will change seats often during my Pairing Session to review my unit test alignment with the User Story intent, coding guidelines, and architectural design” he plotted brilliantly. “But this means I will be waiting for myself to review code therefore it will not be continuous.” he thought to himself perplexingly. “Aha! Instead I will sit in the middle with one hand on a keyboard and mouse, switching side of the Pairing Station frequently to be in compliance with our promiscuous pairing working agreement, and the other hand will be used to question and point at particular areas of the screen”.

My colleague was overwhelmed with excitement as the flow of ideas streamed from his mind back into his mind and the innovative results that were accruing. “I must think out loud so that my pair can hear me”, he thought out loud, “thus allowing me to differentiate conversation with my individual pair partner”. He determined that this differentiation may preclude some conflict. How will he deal with conflict between the individual pair programmers? “When I say yes and my pair shakes his head no, I will have to negotiate with my pair to work through concerns and move on.” as he nodded to himself in agreement.

You may be asking yourself, “Is this colleague a manifestation of Chris Sterling himself?” “No, it is not!” he exclaimed while nodding “Yes!”.